Black Banana Cookies Strain Review

Black Banana Cookies Strain Review

You may have heard about the black banana cookies strain, but have no idea about it. Today we will discuss it and talk about it in detail. It is one kind of hybrid marijuana strain that people love to smoke. You will get a detailed idea from this article about it.

We all know that there are many different strains of marijuana that are available today. These are used by people to get high. They are available in various sizes, colors, and textures, as well as different flavors.

However, there are several types of marijuana that we can make into cookies. For example, we can make black banana cookies. These are made out of the same marijuana strain that people like to smoke and eat.

If you want to get in shape, you can eat them. They help you to stay healthy. This is because they contain a large amount of fiber. Fiber is an essential component of any healthy diet.

What is Black banana cookie strain?

Generally black banana cookie strain is a type of hybrid marijuana strain that is made from banana fire cookies and blackberry kush.

These are amazingly popular these days and these come with sedative effects on chronic pain. So, people love to smoke these. 

Cannabis strains have been around for thousands of years and they were used medicinally and recreationally.

Nowadays, cannabis plants are being grown all over the world and different people are using it for medicinal purposes. There are three main types of cannabis products. These are hemp, hashish, and weed.

Some people don’t like the smell of weed and this makes them allergic to it. Some people just don’t want to smoke it. Other people prefer to inhale it as a joint and others like to smoke it on its own.

When these people smoke it, they don’t just relax, but they also get energized. But not all people like these effects.

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Black banana cookies strain Benefits, Effects & Potency

We will tell you about the benefits and effects of these black banana strains here. You will find them very popular in solfire gardens for muscle spasms and terpene profile.

These are deep purple in color and made from both banana fire cookies and blackberry kush. The thc level is high in these strains and have some powerful effect on us. 

If you want to enjoy smoking weed in the comfort of your own home, you should know that cannabis strains can be used to cure a variety of ailments.

A number of cannabis strains come in different flavors. Some of them are very sweet while others are spicy and some are extremely bitter.

You can choose what kind you want according to your personal preferences. If you want something that will provide you with the relaxing effect, you will be able to get this from cannabis indica strains.

These strains produce the most relaxing effect. They contain terpenes and cannabinoids. The terpenes are found in these types of strains. Terpenes are responsible for the medicinal effects. The cannabinoids are also present in cannabis strains.

Black banana cookies strain origins

Black banana strain comes from bubba kush and blackberry, so these are an indica dominant hybrid just like cannabis strain.

Here it has a fruity flavors of black banana, spicy grapes and crystal trichomes. It is a great combination of Indica and Sativa. 

The aroma of Black Banana Kush is a little different than some other types of bud. The Black Banana Kush cannabis strains smell a little like a black banana.

There is a sweetness to this cannabis strain. That’s why it tastes fruity and a little spicy.

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You get a hint of citrus, too, along with a nice earthy taste. That’s the black banana. Black banana kush is an indica-dominant hybrid.

Black Banana Kush can make you happy and relaxed. It’s a great choice for medicinal use. It has a euphoric feeling that you can really enjoy when you smoke it.

Black banana cookies strain flavor

Black banana strain has a great taste of both sweet banana and fruity berry taste.  You will feel a lovely and sweet aroma from this strain. People who have smoked it cannot resist themselves to have it again. 

Black Banana is a marijuana strain that has a smooth, clean, and fruity smell. The effects of this strain are relaxing and uplifting, which makes this one of the best marijuana strains for sleep.

It is a popular strain because of its great flavor. Many users love its sweet taste and its relaxing, mood-lifting effects.

There are many medical benefits that come with smoking marijuana. It can relieve stress and anxiety. It can help with insomnia as well.

It can help with pain relief and make people feel relaxed. Black Banana is known for its great medicinal properties. You can buy it in different forms, including oil, hashish, and bakers. 

Black banana cookies strain Kush Seeds

Black banana strain kush seeds are basically a combination of black banana cookies and stardawg. You will feel both flavors from these strains and that will give you a soothing mind  and extra energy. 

A stoner might want to try to consume black banana cookie stardawg. This can help the person get the energy they need. You will be able to get a boost of energy from these black banana strains.

These are basically combinations of black banana cookies and stardawgs. You will get a nice taste with these kush seeds.

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They will not only make you feel relaxed, but you will also feel energized. A stoner may want to try to consume a strain of this kind because it can make them feel good.

It will also help them to cope with all the stress that they may feel. You should try to have more of these kinds of kush seeds available for you and your friends.

Effects of Black banana cookies strain

Smoking strains are not a good idea, but those who love to smoke can try that out. People who smoke strains love to taste different types of strains and for them black banana strain is a good choice.

Regular smoking is not good, so we do not recommend you smoke regularly that will have impacts on health. 

Black Banana cookies strain is a good choice for those who love to smoke. The reason is that it will make you feel happy.

Black Banana cookies strain will make you forget about the world and think only about yourself and your surroundings.

If you would like to enjoy the flavor of this strain then you can prepare it with other strains by adding hashish and weed into it.

This is what many people like because the effect of the marijuana is amplified when it is mixed with the other strains.

You can make black banana strain with blackberry, banana, strawberry, blueberry and the blackcurrant. You can use them as seeds for growing the marijuana. Then you can enjoy this strain and enjoy its effects.


What is the black in the middle of a banana?

The black in the middle of a banana is the most ripe part, it will slowly get rotten and you cannot eat it anymore. Generally these black parts taste the same but after a while you will not have the taste or hunger to eat it. We mostly see these black in the ripe banana. 

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Are the seeds of bananas dangerous for our health?

Most of the cases we eat farmed cavendish bananas, the seeds are easy to eat and those are not harmful at all. But in the case of forest bananas, you will find big seeds in them but those are not edible. If you bi chance eat them you will not be able to digest them. So, we should avoid bigger seeds. 

What are some examples of black seeds?

There are different sized black seeds, in normal bananas we have small seeds that we can consume, in forest bananas we find midsize and large size seeds. Those we cannot eat at all and we should avoid them, as those are not edible. 

Can I grow a banana from a banana?

Generally we cannot grow bananas from a common banana or a banana seed, but from the jungle banana tree we get some bananas containing bigger size seeds. With those bigger seeds we can grow banana trees, so we have to get banana saplings or bigger seeds to grow a banana tree. 

How does a banana plant grow without seeds?

There are small bulbs named suckers that grow underground. Rhizomes are the main banana plant growing material. So, when we need to grow bananas we should take those bulbs to grow them. Growing with seeds is not a good idea these days. 

Final Words

We have been discussing about black banana cookies strains and here we have shared a lot of information about it.

Now you know the details and good and bad sides of having black banana strains, now you can decide whether you should take it or not.

Here, it depends on your decision to go for strains or not. We will recommend you can have them for testing but not not take them as a regular one.

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