Florida banana Spider

Florida banana Spider: Know all about it

Today we will talk about the Florida Banana Spider which is very much known for its look and color like bananas.

Generally, these are the female banana spiders that make large webs and have attachments to the banana and the banana tree is called a banana spider. Let’s have a detailed discussion about it.

There are several types of Florida Banana Spiders that have different markings. Some types of Florida Banana Spiders have two white stripes, while others only have one. Another type of Florida Banana Spider has red markings along with white stripes.

Still, other types have different colors like black, yellow, and green. The Florida Banana Spider will usually live in a hole under a log or in rotten wood.

The size of a Florida Banana Spider is about 5 inches. The Florida Banana Spider uses a web to protect itself.

What is the origin of the Florida banana spider?

Generally, Florida banana spiders are now found all over the world, they originate in South and Central America.

These are called Mephila Clavipes and make yellow webs these are one kind of giant wood spider that is known for general spider webs and silk orb weaver spiders. Because of their yellow color, they are called banana spiders.

Also, banana spiders come in different shapes and sizes. There are two major types, black-legged and dark-spotted. They have a web that consists of a large silken sheet.

Florida banana spider
Florida banana spider

The web is made out of small silk threads and it covers about one square meter of area. It is found at the base of trees in bushes and in the undergrowth.

In order to catch prey, the spider extends a very long hairy leg called the tarsus. The tarsus contains two joints and the leg looks like a finger.

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It has a big eye near the tip and another bigger one at the end. They can easily jump on the web and sit still on it because it is very thin and transparent.

Florida Banana Spider Size

The Florida banana spider is a large-sized one, the body size is 1.5 inches and with spreading legs it is 5 inches.

It creates yellow-colored spider silk and the body is of black coloring. It is known for golden orb weavers and it catches flying insects very easily.

Many spiders spin webs to trap their prey. Most spiders make a web of silky threads to capture their prey, which may include insects, crickets, moths, and other animals.

Some spiders spin a web made out of hair, while others make a web using a sticky substance that traps prey.

There are a variety of different kinds of spiders that have adapted to their surroundings in various ways, but not all of them spin a web to catch prey.

They make webs in trees, on the ground, and sometimes inside a home. Spiders have been around for millions of years, but they only became as widespread as they are today about 100 years ago.

What happens when Florida Banana Spider Bites?

If a Florida banana spider bites you it will be painful and you will start sweating and drooling. The skin beside the bite will be reddish and become very hot.

We have to identify these spiders by their black or yellow-golden color. These are considered one of the largest spiders in America and these banana spiders are poisonous.

If a Florida banana spider bites you, you will experience a severe headache. The next thing you will feel is intense pain. Your muscles will feel weak.

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After about 15 minutes, your tongue will feel numb and your eyes will start to dry out. In addition to that, you will start to sweat and you may experience fever as well.

You will need to seek medical attention immediately. The pain will go away in two days. If you are still experiencing symptoms after a week, it will be necessary to visit a doctor.

These spiders will not be able to jump, so the best way to avoid being bitten is to walk around the house carefully. Always check all the areas where they hide.

Are Banana Spiders Poisonous?

When a Florida banana spider bites it is poisonous, and you will start sweating and drooling, with acute pain in the biting place.

Biting of Florida banana spiders is really dangerous and you should take immediate doctor’s assistance in this matter. You have to explain the spider to the doctor to get proper medication and treatment. 

A Florida banana spider is one of the most poisonous spiders that exist in the world. They usually bite their prey once, then wait until the prey is paralyzed before they bite again and inject the venom into their victim.

Are Banana Spiders Poisonous
Are Banana Spiders Poisonous?

They prefer to bite humans. A Florida banana spider is found mostly in the central and southern parts of the United States.

If a person is bitten by a Florida banana spider, they will begin to sweat, and their vision will begin to blur. They will develop acute pain at the site of the bite.

They will feel intense nausea and may even develop breathing difficulties. In some cases, the person may experience paralysis. They should seek medical help immediately if they are bitten by a Florida banana spider.

How is the Florida Banana Spider Web?

The Florida banana spider is a large size one that has both black and golden color. The weavers are golden yellow and they catch insects with them.

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With their large webs, they create traps for insects, generally, they avoid people but if it bites then it is really dangerous. 

Florida banana spiders are known for being very poisonous. They bite when they are attacked and they usually bite in places like the upper arms, thighs, and hands.

In general, this spider is considered to be extremely dangerous, so you should avoid it at all costs. These spiders grow up to be about 5 inches long and they can be seen in Florida.

Although they can hide during the day, they are more active during the nighttime. When they are looking for a place to set up their home, they will spin an elaborate web that they can make very quickly.

They eat many different insects, but they particularly like ants, which makes sense considering they are native to the area.

How long Do they live?

Generally, Florida banana spiders are born once a year and these live from 3 weeks to one month. Female spiders live up to one month and male lives from two to three weeks. These are short-living spiders but harmful to us. 

Some of them feed on ants, grasshoppers, and beetles. Banana spiders like to hide under leaves and plants. You can look for them in moist places such as under leaves, in flower pots, and in moist places in your home.

If you think you have seen a banana spider, be careful because there are a lot of fake ones that look like the real ones. The best way to avoid Florida banana spiders is to make sure you don’t leave food out in open spaces.

If you see these in the wild, they will probably be feeding on a small insect or an insect larva. They are nocturnal creatures that eat insects and other invertebrates. In fact, this type of spider is commonly called an orb-weaver spider, and it is known for building a large web. 


How often are spiders found in bananas?

Generally, Florida Banana spiders are found in bush and jungle areas. But the main origin is south and central America. Out of this place, it is very rare to find these spiders. 

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It usually has six eyes and looks similar to the tarantula family. It measures about 5 inches long. It doesn’t occur naturally in other countries, but it has been brought here for research. The reason for bringing it here is so that scientists can study it.

How big are the biggest spiders found in Florida?

In Florida the Florida Banana spiders are the largest ones, these are as big as 5 inches with their legs. These are dangerous and harmful to us. So, we have to be careful about these and after biting take necessary medical care for this.

This spider has a large yellow and black color body that runs along its back. This spider doesn’t have any wings but its legs are long, thick, and powerful. They also can climb up walls and hang in webs. These spiders are aggressive and dangerous for humans.

Does Louisiana have banana spiders?

Yes, in Louisiana you will find banana spiders in jungles and bushy areas. So, you have to be careful about these spiders, and identify them with the yellow-golden-black color bodies and golden weavers. These make weavers up to 6 feet in area. 

You may want to know how to protect yourself from these spiders. There are several ways to get rid of these spiders. You can spray them with insecticide or kill them by using fire. 

Do banana spiders eat their mates?

Like other spiders, the female banana spiders eat their mates too. The male mates are smaller in size and the females are larger, so in a few cases, the female eats the male spiders too. But it is very frequent that after the death of male spiders, the females eat them.

Males and females come from different species. Females are usually larger than males. So when a female banana spider mates with a male from another species, the female will consume him.

Are Florida Banana Spiders Dangerous?

Florida banana spiders are poisonous and dangerous when they bite. We have to be very careful if it is around, so banana spider bite will give you acute pain, drooling, and sweating. So, it is best to avoid contact with it.

If you are bitten by a spider and you are allergic to the venom of the spider, you should see your doctor immediately. They will examine you and then provide treatment for your allergy.


We have discussed in detail the Florida Banana spider and there we have projected all the necessary information and facts about it.

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Now you know this information to identify these spiders and if they bite, how to take treatment for it. So, when you see this spider, be safe and away from it. 

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