Banana Ketchup Recipe Filipino

Banana Ketchup Recipe Filipino: Get the authentic Tropical Delight

Banana sauce, commonly referred to as banana ketchup, is a common condiment in Filipino food. It is a sauce made with mashed bananas, vinegar, sweeteners, and seasonings. It is sweet and sour. For a variety of fried or grilled meals, like crispy fried chicken, cabbage rolls, and pig barbecue, banana ketchup is frequently used as a condiment for dipping.

An easy recipe for DIY banana ketchup is provided below. This recipe is best for beginners. This process of making a banana ketchup recipe is authentic and delivers a delightful taste all the way from the Filipino.

This article is about the recipe for banana ketchup that is usually practiced in the Philippines. Readers can thoroughly understand the process of making banana ketchup in the way of Filipino home cooks.

Banana Ketchup Recipe Filipino Ingredients:

4 ripe bananas, especially the ones containing black spots that are overripe.

White vinegar, one cup

Brown sugar, 1 cup

1 tablespoon of garlic, minced

a tablespoon of onion, minced

1 salt shaker

a half-teaspoon of black pepper, ground

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Paprika, 1/8 teaspoon

(Optional) 1/4 teaspoon of chili powder for a touch of heat

Vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon

How to Make Banana Ketchup Recipe in Filipino Style

Step 1: For the banana ketchup, peel your ripe and spotted bananas and smoothen them out. To produce a smooth consistency, use a metal spoon or a blender. Blender will not be needed though. The bananas are already too ripe.

Step 2: Let’s move into the stove section and heat things up in the kitchen. The vegetable oil is waiting to be heated in a pan over medium heat. Sauté the onion and minced garlic until aromatic and just beginning to turn golden. Before that, obviously, cut the onions and mince the garlic. You can consider this as a preparatory step.

Step 3: After adding the mashed bananas, thoroughly whisk them into the onion and garlic that were heated on the stove.

Step 4: Add White vinegar and continuously stir them to keep the mixture from sticking to the pan. For the stickiness of the ripe bananas, they will tend to stick to the pan. Constant stirring is important if you don’t want to scratch out the pan while cleaning.

Step 5: Then Add the salt, paprika, black pepper, brown sugar, and chili powder to the mixture (if using). Stir continuously until all of the sugar is dissolved. The paprika and black pepper powder will add a little bit of spice and brown sugar will balance it out. And if you are using chili powder, adjust the amount according to your taste buds.

Step 6: For a little over thirty minutes, simmer the mixture on low heat, stirring now and then to keep it from burning. Keep in mind if the sauce burns in this stage, it will start to turn blackish. That will not be an appealing color for any dish.

Step 7: Continue to simmer  The mixture until it reaches the consistency of ketchup. Cooking times can vary, but they typically range from 45 to 1 hour. It will mainly depend on how much sauce you want to prepare.

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Step 8: Once the banana ketchup has reached the proper consistency, turn off the heat and allow it to cool fully. Put the chilled banana ketchup in a sterile container and keep it in the fridge. You can store this ketchup until it’s finished. But I bet, if you have Filipino taste buds it will not survive longer. It’s time to use the banana ketchup! Use it as an accompaniment or present it as a sauce for dipping in your preferred Filipino dish.

You are free to customize the level of sweetness, tanginess, and spice to suit your tastes. To develop your own flavor profile, try adding extra spices and ingredients.


What kind of banana can I use for making Filipino banana ketchup?

Usually the ripe, more specifically over riped black spotted bananas are suitable for making banana ketchup in Filipino style. 

How long can I store homemade banana ketchup?

You can store the banana ketchup in a refrigerator for up to one year. An air-tight glass bottle or container would be the best to store this in the freezer.


Homemade banana ketchup gives the classic tomato-based ketchup a wonderful twist and gives your meals a hint of Filipino flavor. Enjoy the distinctive flavor of this condiment, which has grown to be a mainstay in Filipino kitchens and has begun to gain appeal across the globe. It has a sweet, tangy, and occasionally fruity flavor. I hope you find the article “Banana Ketchup Recipe Filipino” helpful.

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