Do Blended Bananas Have More Calories? Let Us Find Out!

Do Blended Bananas Have More Calories? Let Us Find Out!

No, blended bananas do not have more calories because blended bananas do not have any energetic benefits for health. So, blended bananas and whole bananas contain the same amount of calories.

If you are curious about whether blended bananas have more calories, you should be in a chill mood now because I will explain everything about blended bananas in this article.

Bananas are the world’s most popular and nutritious fruit; almost everyone loves to have them, from kids to adults. But would you always love to have a plain banana? No right? You can use bananas in many different recipes in a blended way. When talking about blended bananas, many misconceptions are found about more calories in blended bananas.

Blended bananas- a process of breaking down the fruit’s cell walls and can be a great deal for a meal with a mixture of cream or coconut milk, yogurt, oats, honey, and sometimes other fruits like strawberries or mangoes to add flavor.

Do Blended Bananas Have More Calories?

No, blended bananas do not have more calories. 

Blending bananas has no measurable energetic benefits for your health. So, the number of calories in blended and whole bananas is the same. But bananas that have been blended are less healthy than bananas that have been left full, as blending can break down insoluble fiber and change its nutritional value.

One medium-sized blended banana has about 105 calories, most of which come from the natural carbs in the banana. The body that needs energy comes from carbohydrates in the way of sugar. But whole bananas also have insoluble fiber that is good for the health of your gut system.

Blended BananaCalories
Large Size Banana121
Medium Size Banana105
Small Size Banana90

Which Type Of Blended Banana Has More Calories?

Yellow bananas have more calories than green bananas because carbohydrates are the central part of a ripe yellow banana. 

Even red bananas also have less calories than yellow bananas. One red banana finger has 90 calories, whereas a yellow finger banana has 105 calories. 

The main part of the green banana is the starch and unresistant starch, and when the banana is grown or becomes yellow, this sugar turns into carbs. But green bananas are always healthiest than any other bananas. These bananas help lower blood sugar, so if you are a diabetic person, you can use green bananas in many different ways to eat.

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How Many Calories Are In A Blended Banana With Milk?

160 to 180 calories are present in a glass of milk with a blended banana.

The fat in milk makes it easier to take in nutrients, but if you are thinking about the number of calories when you mix both banana and milk, one banana has about 100 calories, and one glass of low-fat milk has between 60 and 80 calories. 

How Many Calories In A Blended Banana Yogurt Milkshake?

Ok, so there are 272 calories in a blended banana yogurt milkshake.

But if you see in detail, out of these 272 calories, 139 calories come from carbs, 25 from proteins, and the remaining 79 calories from fat. So, when you consume the banana yogurt milkshake, you must be health conscious. 

Besides this, a diabetic person must avoid this milkshake to keep the blood sugar at perfect. 

If you are on a diet, you must exercise for about 1hr 30 minutes to reduce the fats and calories you consume through this milkshake.

Can A Blended Banana Affect Your Digestion System?

Yes, it, of course, can affect your digestive system. 

When you blend a banana, your banana is broken into smaller pieces, which makes it easy for you to digest the food and get the nutrients available in the blended banana. 

Blending makes the food’s surface area bigger, making the process more manageable and accessible for your body to use the nutrients. It can benefit people with digestive problems or trouble eating whole foods.

Do The Different Recipes Of Blended Bananas Contain The Same Amount Of Calories?

In that case, the answer is straightly NO since calories come from blended bananas and the different ingredients that are mixed with them.

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Amount of calories in a blended banana with four other components;

Banana Chips: 

If you are looking for an easy snack, go for banana chips, and 100g of chips contain 519 calories.

Banana Pancake:

This is the easiest one to try! It needs three medium-sized blended bananas mixed with other ingredients. So the amount of calories in this dish is almost 327.

Banana Pudding:

Banana pudding, a very delicious dish, can have calories from 180 to 300

Banana Bread:

When your bananas ripen,  you can use them for making banana bread and this kind of banana bread only has 137 calories per slice or slightly more than a giant banana. So you can enjoy your banana bread if you are on a diet.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Blended Bananas?

Blended Bananas can be incredibly beneficial for your health if you eat them in a balanced way. While it is true that most people face some drawbacks of blended bananas. 

Let us look at the table below;

Benefits Of Blended BananasDrawbacks Of Blended Bananas
They are a healthy option for snacks made with refined sugar because they are creamy and taste good.Blended bananas can be less healthy because the oxygen breaks down the cell walls and kills some vitamins present inside the bananas.
Each banana has a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin C, and potassium, which are essential nutrients for your health.Besides this, blending banana often causes it to oxidize, which turns it brown and gives a foul smell that may not be your desired dish.
Since bananas are naturally sweet, eating them regularly may also help to reduce cravings for junk foods or drinks.Blended bananas have less fiber because the processing breaks down the parts of the plant that are hard to digest. So you might have constipation.
Moreover, their creamy texture can help digestion because it gives the body time to absorb essential vitamins before they leave the digestive system.If you consume too much bananas, then your blood sugar might increase. 

Therefore, when you have your snacks with a blended banana, you must remember the benefits and drawbacks of this.

Are Nutrients Lost When Blending Bananas?

Yes, blending bananas can also make other nutrient loss. 

When you blend the banana, some vitamins and minerals are lost because of the heat produced. For example, vitamin C in bananas breaks down when heated, and mixing may cause much of this vital vitamin to be lost.

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So, it’s important to remember that blending bananas might not make them more caloric, but it can kill some essential nutrients.

So, Does Blending A Banana Unhealthy For You?

No, blending a banana is not unhealthy for you, as blended bananas also contain essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Therefore, blended and whole banana is equally beneficial for the health if you have them in a balanced way. 

Also, blending can make it easier for your body to digest the nutrients in the food and absorb it quickly. Therefore, select ingredients that are high in nutrients to create a healthy mix.

So go ahead and enjoy your blended bananas in smoothies, sweets, or other dishes, knowing that you are still getting the health benefits of bananas!!


Do Calories Change When You Blend Bananas?

No, calories remain the same as you are not blending the calories away. But you must be careful of how much you are consuming as it might spike up your blood sugar.

Do Blended Bananas Increase Sugar Levels?

Yes, if you make a smoothie with bananas, then sugar increases.
But when you blend food, the natural sugars come out of the cell walls and become sugar-free.

In Closing,

Do blended bananas have more calories? Hopefully, after reading the whole article, you are educated enough to answer this and inform others about this topic.

All of us almost like bananas, and since you know there are no caloric changes in blended bananas, you can have them in various ways. So, the calories in mixed and whole bananas are the same.