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It is without question that, in this generation, we’re all over the basic and boring birthday party phase. Nowadays, themed birthday parties are all the rave because they can turn an average celebration into an epic crossover party consisting of a creative theme.

One of the most challenging parts of planning such a birthday party, though, is coming up with a creative theme for it by ourselves in the first place. But it is a safe bet to say nothing beats a classic fruit themed birthday party, both for a child and an adult! 

And what is a popular fruit theme for a birthday bash that will make your guests go bananas over it? Why of course, it is none other than the healthy and loved by all fruit, that is, Bananas! 

Streamers, balloons, and a basic white birthday cake just won’t cut it anymore, dear readers. So, keep on reading to learn about the 10 best banana themed birthday party ideas that are sure to leave your guests amazed! 

List of the 10 Best Banana Themed Birthday Party Ideas 

Well, now that you’ve picked the perfect a-peel-ing theme for your birthday party, it is time to gather up some ideas and get creative with the simple fruit, the Banana. A banana themed birthday party isn’t just yellow and brown with a bunch of bananas plastered on the decorations. 

You need to get creative with it and make it a fun experience for the person whose birthday party it is and the guests. So, without further ado, we present to you 10 of the best banana themed party ideas for the perfect themed birthday party that you and your guests will never forget. The list of the 10 ideas is given as follows: 

1. An Open Space Venue with Greenery 

Having the perfect venue for a themed birthday party is an essential aspect to really pull the theme together, as it can make or break the atmosphere of your themed birthday party. If you choose a venue that is off putting and not going along with the theme for your birthday party bash, it can ruin the aesthetic of the party.

For this reason, choosing an open space venue with greenery all around it is perfect for a banana themed birthday party. Choosing a park with some trees providing the perfect amount of shade and the land being covered in grass for a fruit themed birthday party, specifically as one of the banana themed birthday party ideas. 

The trees can add the effect of being banana trees, and the greenery can symbolize being a fruit forest, which can make for the perfect atmosphere for the banana themed birthday party. Not only will it be an ideal atmosphere, but it will also allow you to add in a bunch of themed decorations without it looking overcrowded.

2. Yellow, White, and Brown Modern Themed Furniture 

Having the right colors for the furniture you choose to use in your themed birthday party is very important. It is essential because furniture pieces are big and take up a lot of space in the party venue, hence the reason why they need to match the theme perfectly. 

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For a banana themed birthday party, choosing the colors yellow, white, and brown is the way to go! The colors yellow, white, and brown are generally the primary colors associated with the banana fruit because those are the colors we can see on the fruit itself. As for the style of the furniture, going with a chic and modern style that looks eye-catching is the best option. 

Because the colors of the furniture are bright and bubbly, you have to make sure that they don’t clash and take away from the rest of the themed decorations. Instead, we have to make sure that the furniture’s style and colors are in cohesion with the rest of the birthday party’s themed decorations so that they can complement the aesthetic instead of clashing with it.

3. Banana Themed Tableware and Cutlery 

Of course, following along with the rest of the banana themed birthday party ideas, having the tableware and cutlery for the themed birthday party is also quite vital. Leaving them plain and boring will be a downer, while making them too in the face and bright can also spoil the aesthetic.

So, choosing the right tableware and cutlery, which isn’t basic but, then again, isn’t too exuberant, is essential to the aesthetic of the themed birthday party. For a banana themed birthday party, choosing plain white plates with golden, almost yellow looking metallic cutlery is going to look phenomenal.

As for the tableware, using a ripe banana and writing the guests’ names on each individual banana in white edible ink to show them their assigned place on the dining table is a very unique yet on theme way to keep the tableware cohesive with the rest of the party’s theme. Using yellow napkins with brown accents is also perfect for adding to the tableware as an essential item.

4. Banana Themed Cake, Desserts, and Snacks 

It is common knowledge that, without the cake, a birthday party bash is not entirely made. Desserts and snacks are just the cherries on top, while the cake is the main highlight of the party.

Having your cake and food items like desserts and snacks be on the theme is another vital part of a themed birthday party because your guests will expect the food to be on brand as well. For a banana themed party, of course, the most a-peel-ing cake would be a banana flavored birthday cake with appropriate edible decor on top.

What would really be the icing on top (literally) is to have the banana flavored cake be decorated and iced in a banana theme as well. You could either have the cake be extraordinary in the shape of a banana, or you can opt for outer decorations like yellow, white, and brown icing alongside banana themed edible decors.

As for desserts and snacks, you could opt for the traditional cupcakes and donuts but make them unique by having them decorated in accordance with the theme by using edible banana decorations. You could also mix things up by having traditional banana dishes like banana bread or a classic banana split, which is one of the best banana themed birthday party ideas.

5. Banana Themed Goodie Bag filled with Birthday Party Favors for the Guests 

One of the most significant items that are a must for a themed birthday party is a goodie bag or party favors for the guests. Curating a cute bag or pouch filled with themed birthday party favors to give out to the guests just adds that extra touch of fun to the birthday party.

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For a banana themed birthday party, having a goodie bag in the primary theme colors, which are yellow, white, and brown, along with banana embellishments to match the theme, is the perfect decision. Filling the bag up with yellow, white, and brown tissue paper before adding in all the party favors can also add to the aesthetic and make it look more complete.

As for the party favors, including banana flavored and shaped candy, a cute banana themed bracelet, a badge saying something like “Gone Bananas!”, banana themed stickers, bubble blowers, banana themed party masks like a monkey mask, etc. is the best way to go. You can also add in things like a banana themed mini card pack, mini Lego figurines, mini banana themed puzzles, and fidget toys like a spinner, pop it, simple dimple, etc.

6. Yellow and Banana Themed Bounce House 

Now, this idea is one of the most elite banana themed birthday party ideas that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age and gender. A banana themed bouncy house! A bouncy house is a very entertaining attraction that can be added to a birthday party just to take the fun factor to the next level.

A plain bouncy house would, of course, be dull, so make sure to get creative and match the bouncy house with the banana themed birthday party. Choosing a bouncy house that is mainly yellow in color with white and brown accents will be perfectly cohesive with the rest of the banana themed birthday party. 

Having the exterior of the bouncy house be decorated with banana themed balloons and signage like “Enter to go bananas!” can make it look even more entertaining and inviting for the guests. As for the interior, ditch the plain Jane bouncy house and get one with a few obstacles in it, along with a slide! This is for sure going to elevate your birthday party and make it one to remember for a lifetime.

7. Banana Decorating Station with a Chocolate Fountain 

While we’re on the topic of fun themed birthday party activities, why not opt for a dessert decorating station? This is another timeless fun activity that can be enjoyed by people regardless of age and gender at a themed birthday party.

Now, of course, as we are talking about banana themed birthday party ideas, the dessert decorating station has to be in accordance with the theme. So, staying on theme, a chocolate dipped banana decorating station is the best choice for a banana themed birthday party!

Having a chocolate fountain set on an individual table alongside all the toppings and tools necessary to create a chocolate dipped banana is the best option for this fun activity to be on theme and be cohesive. Having the bananas be kept on a platter, sliced in half with popsicle sticks or wooden skewers attached to them, is perfect and convenient for the guests to be able to dip them in the chocolate fountain. 

As for the toppings and decorations, edible banana themed decorations like yellow, white, and brown sprinkles, banana flavored and shaped candies, cookie crumbles, granulated sugar dyed in yellow, brown, and white, and of course, chocolate, vanilla, and banana flavored ice cream! For the tools, disposable banana themed paper plates, paper spoons, and forks, along with banana themed napkins, are essential.

8. Acrylic Birthday Signage Stage in a Banana Theme

Needless to say, whether a birthday party bash is themed or not, having a stage set for the birthday cake to be cut and placed on is a necessity. For a themed birthday party, it is necessary to make sure that the birthday cake stage is on the theme and matches the aesthetic.

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There are many types of birthday party stages that can be created, like the classic foldable table with a tablecloth on top in front of a wall with streamers, balloons, or ribbon. But the more classy and modern route to take for a themed birthday party stage is by mixing the classic balloons, ribbons, and streamers style with acrylic signages.

For a banana themed birthday party or for any themed party, opting for an acrylic signage laden birthday stage is the best way to go as it is easy, and all the elements for it can be found premade in stores or online. Banana acrylic signages like banana pop art, banana shaped neon signs, cutout signs with banana themed jokes or puns, etc., are ideal acrylic signages for a banana themed birthday party stage. 

9. Banana Themed Birthday Party Invitation Cards 

Any kind of party is incomplete without invitations to it being sent out a week prior to the party’s date. Some people choose to send out digital invitations, but nothing can quite beat the feeling of receiving a birthday party invitation card as a guest.

When having a themed birthday party bash, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the birthday invitation card designs and get creative with it by customizing it to fit the theme of the birthday party. For a banana themed birthday party, choosing to make your themed birthday party invitation card the same color scheme, i.e., yellow, white, and brown is the best decision you can make.

Along with the primary color scheme being chosen for your themed birthday party invitation card, also make sure to get creative with the exterior design by adding 3D banana themed embellishments. As for the interior, make the writing unique, and as it is a banana theme, add in some puns like “Sarah Has Gone Bananas!’.  

10. Yellow, White, and Brown Banana Themed Decorations 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the fruit bananas? The colors yellow, white, and brown are generally the first thing that comes to mind because those are the colors we can see on the banana fruit. 

Choosing the primary colors for your birthday party theme is very important because it can make or break the aesthetics of your themed birthday party. You can easily achieve a cohesive and aesthetic banana themed birthday party by using the many types of banana themed decorations that can be found in stores or online.

You can use balloons in yellow, white, and brown colors to decorate the venue, as balloons are essential for a birthday party, but you can make that unique by using balloon art and creating banana shaped balloons! You can also buy premade banana shaped balloons, but if you can’t seem to find those, banana pool floaties are an excellent alternative.

You can also opt for yellow, white, and brown strings, streamers, and ribbons to decorate the walls and ceiling of the themed birthday party venue to tie in the aesthetic all together. You can use modern light fixtures that cast a warm and soft glow all over the venue so that it creates a beautiful ambiance for the themed birthday party.


As mentioned before, it is high time that we leave behind the classic birthday bash party ideas and move on to more fun, memorable, and enjoyable themed birthday party ideas. If you’re someone that is willing to put in the effort and get crafty with the decorations, having a themed birthday party bash is the best way to go!

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There is no time like now to pull out all the stops and go ham to make your friend’s or family member’s birthday party bash one to remember for a lifetime! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and push to let the creative juices flow.

So, what are you waiting for? Have the birthday party of a lifetime by following the above mentioned 10 best banana themed birthday party ideas for something out of the box and unique from the rest. Your guests will not know what hit them, so go all out and get ready for the most incredible banana themed birthday party of your life!

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