Are Blended Bananas Bad For You

Are Blended Bananas Bad For You? [All You Need To Know]

No, blended bananas are not at all bad for you! They are easy to digest and can make you feel satiated for longer. However, you should ensure intaking the blended banana as soon as possible because the more you wait, the more nutrients will be lost. 

The reason is that blended bananas can’t extract as much soluble fiber and potassium as whole bananas. Many of you need clarification about whether blended bananas are toxic for your health, so to settle the battle right here, we’ve come up with all your queries to help you with blended bananas; without further ado, let’s dig in!

Do bananas lose nutrients when blended?

Yes, blended bananas do lose nutrients, as when it reaches the blended state, it increases the oxidation level in the bananas leading them to lose some of the nutrition. A whole banana has nutrients such as magnesium and potassium and essential vitamins like vitamins K, A, B, C, D, and E. These nutrients get disfigured in blended bananas due to the intense heat released while blending. 

But hey, you don’t need to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s for this, as the loss of nutrients is relatively minimal! 

What happens when you blend a banana?

When you blend bananas, you are fostering the breakdown of the insoluble fibers in the bananas, consuming more fibers, and as we know, the more nutrition we get, the happier our gut is! Though you should avoid blending for a long, lengthened time, as this might destroy the nutrients in the banana. 

Does blending banana increase calories?

No, blending bananas doesn’t escalate the level of calories! As per nutrition experts, the calories in a whole banana and a blended are almost the same! But yes, the downside to call for is that blended bananas turn the naturally released fruit cell wall sugar into free sugars, which are the ones that your body might not want to intake, as sometimes free sugars can be a nightmare for your teeth’s health as well! 

Still trying to figure out the precise calories that blended bananas have? Well then, you can look at the following data we’ve jotted down from the reviews of our esteemed nutritional experts and resources.

Nutritional AttributeIn Whole BananaIn Blended Banana
Dietary Fiber3.1g3.1
Vitamin C17.1%11.4%
Vitamin A5%0.4%

After reviewing the above data, you can see that blended bananas retain some vital nutrients while providing the same amount of calories. However, nutrients like beta carotene, minerals, and vitamins are less in amount as for the blended bananas. 

Is a blended banana more fattening?

No, a blended or mashed banana isn’t more fattening than a whole one, so don’t worry, as blended bananas won’t turn you into a fatty baby elephant! However, if you add additional ingredients to it or make a smoothie out of the blended bananas; in that case, you will more likely be building a mini-empire of fats in your body as the blended fruit alone doesn’t contribute much to the calories!

So the thing is, the moment when you incorporate the blended bananas with other ingredients of a smoothie, your body will eventually consume more sugar, calories, and fats due to the fatty side ingredients, such as ice cream, peanut butter, extra sugar, chocolates, and other smoothie ingredients; therefore, you need to watch out on these fatty side-kicks if you are a true fitness freak or health conscious! 

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Though the extra elements enhance the taste, they are not a healthy option, so we advise you to go for the pure blended banana without adding the extra ones!

But yes, blended banana smoothies have a silky vibe on their own. Wait! Did we get you craving some delicious banana smoothies, but you’re afraid of having them due to the extra calories of it?

We also have the solution for this problem; add some low-fat plain greek yogurt or fat-free skimmed milk, blend them well with the bananas, and flavor it with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg powder, and there it is! 

You’ll surely get delighted in every sip of it without having to think about the extra calories. You can make it even healthier; our pro tip would be to add some protein powder and then watch out for the wonder! You’ll indeed thank us later for it!

Along with the delicious taste, bear in mind that the above recipe of blended banana smoothie is healthy, too, making you feel energetic for longer! But limit your consumption to one medium glass to avoid piling up unwanted extra carbs.

Is blending a banana the same as eating it?

No, blending a banana isn’t the same as eating it! As for a whole fresh banana, nothing can beat its nutrients supremacy; eating entire new banana supplies the instant vault of fibers, vitamins, and minerals to your body while blending bananas lacks providing the exact nutritional values. However, the blended version makes it easier for your gut during its breakdown process, leading to an easy-to-digest meal! 

Does blending banana increase sugar?

Yes, blending bananas do increase sugar as they become sources of free sugars once you blend them. Since you are not required to chew it, the breakdown process is much faster, and you get a good amount of calories within a few moments, which might cause a spike in your blood sugar level. You can also use blended bananas as a remedy for patients with low blood sugar levels.

When it comes to blended banana smoothies, the calories, and sugar level consumed by the body is much higher.

Benefits of Blended Bananas

There has always been the myth that blended fruits are not suitable for health, but in reality, the benefits of blended fruits are surreal! You might still have questions, like, does blending a banana make you gain weight, or why does a blended banana have more points right? To answer all of it, let’s jump into some of the blended banana benefits and drawbacks firsthand!

Benefits of Blended BananasDrawbacks of Blended Bananas
1. Gives glowing and healthy skin1. Increases risk of Type-2 diabetes
2. Good for weight loss2. Can make digestive disorders
3. Helps to cure muscle convulsion3. Lower nutrient content
4. Ensures better sleep4. Might promote weight gain

Now that you’ve got a subtle idea about the benefits, you might want an in-depth discussion, so let’s cut down to the benefits in detail! 

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1. Gives glowing and healthy skin

Are you worried about dull, gloomy skin, hair, or nail? Blended banana is then your ultimate stop! They contain a good amount of vitamin C, fostering natural collagen production. 

As many of us know, collagen helps to get brighter skin and makes hair and nails healthier; it even helps in anti-aging. So by intaking a blended banana, you can eliminate many everyday beauty problems.

2. Good for weight loss

Fitness freaks often search for food that makes them surfeit for longer; blended bananas are ideal as they retain a tremendous amount of fiber. But to ensure you lose weight, consider your daily edibles and exercise. 

We recommend not adding extra sweetenings to your blended bananas if you’re determined to lose weight.

3. Helps to cure muscle convulsion

Blended bananas have plenty of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B6, which can play a significant role in battling cardiovascular conditions, muscle cramps, and even heart diseases. 

They help to make bones more robust and also help to fight indigestion, and one secret ingredient that goes well with it is milk; it adds on the nutrients making blended bananas an even healthier recipe.

4. Ensures better sleep

As we know, muscle needs to relax to ensure you get good sleep; potassium and magnesium foster this very thing, and guess what? Blended bananas have the required nutrients mentioned above in them widely. 

Getting a dose of knowledge about the blended banana benefits only makes it an incomplete session for you. You should also get a detailed discussion about the drawbacks! So keep reading the following to know about the elaborated blended banana pitfalls.

Drawbacks of Blended Bananas

1. Increases risk of Type-2 diabetes

The leading resource of calories in bananas is carbohydrates. And when it comes to blended bananas, you won’t count the number of bananas to be blended; this might lead to the consumption of high sugar contents, eventually causing Glycemic, a dreadful element known to build up type 2 diabetes.

2. Can make digestive disorders

Did you ever notice bananas getting brown? It is because, once we keep them for an extended period, they tend to oxidize, producing the brown layer, and it is the same in blended bananas, too; this might promote digestive disorders. 

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Even the brown-colored blended bananas are no better in flavor and taste.

3. Lower nutrient content

When you blend bananas and pour them into a container, the nutritional components settle at the bottom, making you more likely to get lesser nutrients. 

Also, if you don’t devour the blended bananas within a quick enough time, the nutrients will surely get spoiled by eventually turning into bland liquids, making it distasteful!

4. Might promote weight gain

Do you know you are swallowing 5-6 bananas within a glance? Did that make you scared? Well, it is indeed scary! That’s what happens when you’re consuming blended bananas! 

So you better watch out on your intake of blended bananas, as the more bananas you blend, the more you’ll develop carbs eventually, and you’ll gain weight!


When Should I Drink Blended Banana?

Blended bananas are the healthiest options for breakfasts, after-workout potions, after breakfast, evening snacks, or just as a dessert. 

But for best results, you can intake it in the morning to feel fuller for the entire day without eating much. It’ll escalate your energy levels as they have an enormous amount of minerals, promoting metabolism as well.

What Happens if We Drink Blended Bananas Daily?

Drinking blended bananas repeatedly might impair your gut health as other essential nutrients might not work correctly during metabolism. Also, carb levels in your body might drastically increase if you intake blended bananas with extra sugar or ice creams. 

As per our experts, you should not intake blended bananas for more than three days in a row. You can have a medium glass of it by giving breaks between the days of intake.

Final Verdict

Voila- now you have completed all your knowledge about blended bananas! Well, what’s not to love in these creamy blended bananas, right? 

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It provides approximately the equivalent amount of nutrients as a whole banana and is a great nutrition source for your health. You might find yourself whooping after learning about the unparalleled benefits of blended bananas. 

But when you pair it up with extra sweeteners, cashews, or fatty chocolates, you might get disappointed as they might lead you to face severe health conditions. 

Also, you’ll lose much nutrition if you don’t drink blended bananas instantly! So for your next experiment with blended bananas, remember to check out our article to make the most of your blended bananas! I hope you find the article “Are Blended Bananas Bad For You? [All You Need To Know]” helpful.

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