Do Bananas Have Seeds or Not

Do Bananas Have Seeds or Not?

Bananas are a popular fruit many enjoy, but do bananas have seeds? The answer may surprise you. While some varieties of bananas include small, hard seeds, the bananas we commonly eat are seedless. 

Generally, wild bananas contain seeds that grow naturally. In contrast, Cavendish bananas do not have any and grow through pups or suckers.

Here, we’ll explore the anatomy of a banana and whether or not it contains seeds. We’ll also learn how to reproduce bananas with seeds or without seeds. So, keep reading to learn more about whether or not bananas have seeds.

Do Bananas Have Seeds In Them?

Yes, bananas do have seeds. A naturally grown banana would contain seeds if you were to open it in the wilderness. In some varieties, germs are so large that they take up much space inside the fruit and make chewing difficult.

Today, commercial bananas are genetically modified and don’t come from seeds. Although banana seeds are visible, they cannot aid in banana reproduction. In wild bananas, the seeds are larger and more visible, which can assist in establishing a new banana plant.

Where Are The Seeds From A Banana?

Banana seeds are usually found in the center of the fruit. You can eat them raw or cooked; they are small and black. 

Banana seeds are safe to eat, but they aren’t always easy to chew. Bananas with large seeds can be difficult to digest.There are usually more seeds on wild bananas than edible flesh, and they are generally smaller.

How Many Seeds Are In A Banana?

There are usually between one and six seeds inside most banana varieties. One banana variety contains more than a thousand seeds, making it the largest seed ever discovered. 

Cavendish bananas produce between 18 and 22 seeds per fruit. This type of banana typically contains up to 1,500 individual seeds! Depending on the variety, banana seeds can differBananas usually contain seeds, with yellow or red varieties having the most.

How Do You Know If A Banana Has Seeds?

Look at the ends or cut them apart to see if there are seeds in a banana. There are many types and sizes of bananas, some with seeds and some without.

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You can find Cavendish bananas in grocery stores. The purpose of commercial bananas is to be sweeter and have more flesh to make them more appealing and sellable.

In contrast, other varieties contain seeds. You’ll see little black seeds inside when you cut open a Lady Finger banana. Another banana with visible seeds is the Plantain. Plantains are usually larger and have thicker skin than Cavendish bananas.

Do Bananas Have Seeds To Plant?

Yes. You can plant bananas from their seed. You can grow new banana plants by planting banana seeds in the soil and watering them. Banana plants will grow from them once they germinate.

You can plant wild bananas via seed. Cavendish bananas reproduce by forming pups or suckers from their rhizomes, which can be severed from their parent plant and produced independently.

How to Grow Bananas from Seeds

To grow bananas from seed at home, follow these six simple steps:

Step1: Soak

You will give them a head start by softening and warming the seeds. Cover the seeds with warm water and change it when it cools down. Sprouting seeds requires 48 hours of soaking.

Step2: Prepare

In an indoor seed tray, place the seeds. It is best to use potting soil that contains organic compost and more than half sandy/light loam.The compost will provide the nutrients the seed needs as it sprouts and matures.

Step3: Sow

In the tray, sow seeds 1/4 inch deep. Seeds can only be sown outdoors in a bed when the soil temperature is above 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step4: Water

Ensure that the soil in the tray is moist but not soggy. When the seed settles in and germinates, it is important not to drown it. Seeds can rot if there is too much moisture in the soil.

Step5: Pay Attention to the Temperature

Make sure the soil temperature inside the house is 60 degrees Fahrenheit using a timer and a heat mat. The temperature of bananas may need to be kept cool for 19 hours and warm for only 5 hours. To maintain the right ratio, research your seed.

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Step6: Give it Time

Germination of banana seeds cannot be rushed. Depending on the variety, it could take two to three weeks or two or more months for seeds to germinate.

Can You Grow Banana Without Seed?

Yes, you can grow bananas without seeds. Generally, the Cavendish variety of bananas grows without seeds. Mostly these types of bananas are cultivated for commercial purposes. 

How Can You Grow Banana Without Seeds?

The commercial banana tree reproduces mostly through suckers, also known as pups.  Tree pups look like smaller trees growing next to an adult tree, but are offshoots. The roots of both plants are attached, so they are the same plant.

Besides reproducing, banana trees produce pups to absorb more light and water. Pups are also produced to increase the general surface area of the plant.

The pups of these plants can be separated from their parents once they reach three to four feet in height. Once the pups have been separated, they can be planted independently. In Time, they will mature into mature plants, producing fruit and pups.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this method. Compared to grafting, it generally takes less work and is faster and more reliable than growing from seed. Since each pup is a clone of its parent plant, it decreases the genetic diversity of the larger banana population. Because bananas develop disease resistance over a longer time, they are vulnerable to diseases.

Final Thoughts

Banana is a healthy fruit and is enjoyed by everyone. But, most common question is, do bananas have seeds?

Actually, Bananas come both seed and seedless. Generally, naturally or domestically growing bananas contain seeds. The Cavendish banana, the most widely consumed banana in the world, does not contain any seeds and reproduces through pups or suckers. Whether bananas have seeds, they remain an important and delicious part of our diet. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of this fruit.


Are All Bananas Seedless?

No, all bananas are not seedless. Generally, wild bananas contain seeds, and you can use these seeds for reproduction. On the other hand, Cavendish bananas produce no seeds, which makes them ideal for commercial use.

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Do Bananas Have Seeds The Size Of Peanuts?

No, banana seeds are not the size of  peanuts. They are smaller than peanuts. Compared to peanuts, domestic bananas are much smaller than bananas you buy in stores with small black seeds like watermelon seeds.

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