Benefits Of Eating Banana On Empty Stomach

Benefits Of Eating Banana On Empty Stomach: Is It Really Beneficial?

Eating bananas on an empty stomach is a common practice among those people looking for a quick and healthy breakfast. But it is still debatable whether there are benefits of eating bananas on empty stomach or whether you should avoid eating them. 

As with any other fruit, bananas are beneficial to health as it maintains a healthy body, promotes a healthy heart or reduces fatigue, helps to maintain blood pressure, and aids depression. So to get the benefits of bananas to the fullest on an empty stomach, you should eat them paired with other foods to avoid potential harmful effects. 

However, that is not all! Here we have come to you with an ultimate know-all covering all the queries that can knock into your mind. So, read on. 

Here’s What Eating Bananas As Breakfast Does For You? 

Undoubtedly, bananas are a very nutritious food with a nutrition-dense nature. The fruit is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, fiber, manganese, calcium and so on which brings an array of advantages. Let’s first just take a look at the benefits of eating bananas as a part of a healthy breakfast. 

  • It helps to maintain a healthy body. 
  • Promotes a healthy heart
  • Reduce the fatigue in the body. 
  • Helps to maintain blood pressure 
  • Aid to depression, constipation, and heartburn. 
  • Provides a cooling effect in the body as it has a high water content
  • Bananas don’t accumulate in the body and help to increase weight but keep obesity away.  
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances brain power 
  • Prevents muscle cramps 

Despite that, according to various sources, we find that bananas are not a good option to have on an empty stomach and it is clinically proven. Wondering what will happen if you eat a banana on an empty stomach? Let us see the below section for detailed insight.  

What Will Happen If You Eat Banana On An Empty Stomach?  

Bananas make for an excellent source of maintaining a healthy body. Still eating bananas on an empty stomach is not preferable because it can have harmful effects that varies person to person. 

Bananas contain a high amount of natural sugar which can boost your energy but you will feel drained after a few hours. Moreover as bananas temporarily feel you up, you may also leave behind feeling sleepy or fatigued, and may also cause you a bowl problem. 

You know a banana is a rich source of nutrients that can promote a healthy body and mind, but choosing to eat it on an empty stomach brings you harm more than good. Let’s see how. 

#1. Cause Fatigue And Lethargy

If you think that banana gives you energy for the whole day then you are right. But that will not happen if you eat on an empty stomach as it can cause fatigue and lethargy. 

Bananas contain 25% of sugar. When you eat it on an empty stomach, which easily spikes your blood sugar level. As a result, it can give you instant energy but not last until a couple of hours and leave you feeling drained. 

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According to Medical experts, large amounts of magnesium and potassium in the banana can relax the muscle and make you feel sleepy at the same time. Moreover, you can also have the problem of overheating. 

#2. Problems Of Acidity

Bananas are acidic fruit. Experts say that acidic fruit should not be eaten on an empty stomach as doing so can surge up the acid level, create acidity, cause digestion problems and disrupt the metabolism system, disrupting your bowel movements. As your bowel system becomes disturbed it can cause stomach pain. So, the people with acid reflux, eating banana in the morning bring more harm than good. 

#3. Bad For Heart 

As you already see, bananas have a high content of magnesium. Eating the fruit on an empty stomach can cause an imbalance of magnesium and calcium in the blood which will ultimately be adverse to the cardiovascular system.

What Does Ayurveda Suggest? Must You Eat Bananas On An Empty Stomach?

If still unsure, then let’s just clear all the questions in your mind with the help of Ayurveda’s suggestion. We will explore what Ayurveda tells us about the matter.

According to Ayurveda, people should not eat any fruit including the banana on an empty stomach in the morning. According to Ayurveda expert Dr. BN Sinha, not only the banana, eating any fruits on an empty stomach should be avoided.

In today’s time it is very hard, we can say almost impossible to get pure fruits. All we get that are artificially grown or have chemicals that bring harmful effects than the benefits if consumed in that way. So it is best to consume the fruits by mixing them with other food to subside the effects. 

So, the key insight is that we can eat bananas any time of the day. But eating them can be harmful to one’s health when their stomach is empty. 

So, What Should You Do? 

You know eating bananas on an empty stomach can give you quick energy but can never substitute the nutritional value of a proper breakfast. That is why you should mix it with other foods for breakfast or as a part of your healthy breakfast. 

As you have seen, eating bananas on an empty stomach can have both pros and cons like any other food. We will not say that you should totally avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach. First, you need to consider your personal preferences and your past experiences.

If you must eat a banana in the morning, drink a glass of water before eating to clean the digestive system. It will be better if you have a banana in the morning by pairing it with other foods like smoothies, oats, banana smoothies, or banana pancakes or waffles. Thus you can avoid all the health hazards and get the benefits of bananas to its fullest. 

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Nutritionists suggest having a strong and healthy breakfast in the morning like oats, egg or omelet, a milkshake, with a banana. For instance, according to a renowned Bengaluru-based nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, “Bananas are acidic fruits and contain high amounts of potassium.

The fruit is good to start with in the morning but not on an empty stomach. That is why, you should team the banana with soaked dry fruits, apples, and other fruits. Thus you will be able to minimize the acidic content in the body.” 

Tips On Choosing The Best Way To Consume Bananas

No need to say again that the banana is a healthy fruit and a great part of your breakfast. But every person in this world has different bodily requirements, tastes, and choices even with eating a banana.

Because these are the things that vary from person to person. For that reason, you have to consider the below terms to determine what you need to accomplish.

Consider Timing 

Nutritionists say that eating bananas in the morning is more effective than at any other moment. It helps you to minimize the impact of blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of gastric disorders. So if you have these bodily problems, and are thinking of getting rid of the issue, take the matter into account. 

Consider Your Individual Needs

The matter of whether you should eat a banana or not depends on the person. If you have a sore tummy or any type of digestive issue then it is best to avoid bananas on an empty stomach. 

Consider Choosing The Banana

The fully ripe banana with a brown spot on the skin is the best banana for having an empty stomach.These types of bananas can easily digest and have more antioxidants than unripe bananas as these contain more resistant starch making them hard to digest. But you should keep in mind that it can spike your blood sugar levels and can make you feel mildly fatigued. 

Taking everything into account, eating bananas on an empty stomach can be nutritious for some people according to their individual needs. But if you have any bad experience with that you should avoid it without any hesitation.

People Who Shouldn’t Eat Banana On Empty Stomachs 

There are many diseases where doctors never allow them to eat bananas not only on an empty stomach but also to be cautious other times of the day. For instance kidney disease people, diabetic patients, or people with candida. Because bananas are likely to make their disease worse if they eat it without any hesitation. 

Although bananas are immensely healthy, that isn’t for everyone. However, let us see the details. 

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#1. Kidney Disease People 

If you have kidney disease, then you have a risk of high potassium because your kidney cannot excrete the extra potassium in your blood. So, eating bananas can harm your health because they are not so kind to your kidney. Because of high potassium, doctors never allow their patients to have bananas. But If your doctor allows you to eat bananas you can have it in moderation. 

#2. Ketogenic And Low Carb Diets

Ketogenic is a very low-carb, high-fat, and moderate-protein diet plan. It helps you to focus on weight loss rather than the pursuit of health. Those people who are following the ketogenic diet can’t eat bananas because they have more than 20 g of net carbs in one piece.

That is too much high carbs for the ketogenic diet planters. Burnison says, ‘We advise people on ketogenic diets to avoid bananas, at the beginning when they are determined to lose weight.’

#3. If You Have Candida

Yeast infection or any kind of fungal issue patients can’t have bananas for their daily needs. Having high sugar in the banana will feed the yeast and make it worse for you.

#4. Diabetes Patients

Bananas have a natural sugar content. Eating them on an empty stomach can increase the sugar level of a diabetes patient. Hence, diabetes patients should avoid the action. They can eat them twice a week but in moderation.

#5. Migraine Background

Out of the entire population about 15% are affected by migraine. Research says that bananas are one of the causes of frequent migraine attacks and headaches. If you have a family background of migraine or food allergies then you should avoid bananas as much as you can including on an empty stomach. 

When Is The Right Time To Eat Bananas? 

The best time to eat a banana is at any time of the day. Dr. Pandey said that bananas can be consumed any time of the day. But our metabolism is lowest at night so it’s best to consume bananas in the morning or evening. 

But When you are seeking an energy snack in a quick way you can have bananas. Because they can digest quickly and give you energy for your work. 

Before Or After The Breakfast 

A Banana is the best meal for a quick and healthy breakfast. But you can’t eat a banana on an empty stomach. For that, you need to consume a banana with food or drink a glass of water before taking a banana for breakfast. 

After A Workout 

Since banana is a quick energy boosters, you can eat it as a recovery food after a workout. It may help you to remove tiredness or dullness and activate your body. 

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In The Evening Or Before Bed 

Banana is the perfect sleep aid that provides vitamins and minerals that can enhance the quality of your sleep. Eating one or two bananas in the late evening can help your body get ready to fall asleep.

How To Make Breakfast Extra Healthy with Bananas?

Breakfast with banana is an instant energy booster that gives you energy for your daily needs. You can add a tasty twist to your breakfast by adding bananas to Oatmeal Cookies, Banana Cereal, Chocolate Banana Smoothie, or many more. 

Bananas are a very healthy fruit and delicious fruit at the same time. Eating a banana with this type of consumption is not only healthy but also makes you cheerful for your day. Here are some fun ways to enjoy bananas in your breakfast. 

Banana Oatmeal Cookies 

Banana oatmeal cookies are not only filling but also extremely delightful. It is a wonderful breakfast made with oats, raw nut butter, banana, and maple syrup. It rolled oats in honey and coconut and baked crisp. 

Berry Banana Cereal 

When you are in a hurry and want some energetic or tasty breakfast it will be the best suggestion. It is made with a dash of berries, and banana cut into pieces, mixed with honey, and skimmed milk will give you the most delicious breakfast.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie 

A chocolate banana Smoothie is a fantastic way to start your beautiful morning. It is a mix of banana, nut kinds of milk, and cocoa powder that will give you the right taste. A Smoothie of chocolate banana is delicious, filling in the same way makes you want more and more. 

Banana Pancakes 

Banana pancakes are a fun twist rather than other pancakes. It is made with flour, milk, egg, and banana within a short time. It tastes delicious and is easy to make for your early breakfast. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

How Many Bananas Should You Consume Per Day On An Empty Stomach?

Well, there are no bucket rules about how many bananas you should consume per day. But, sticking 1 or 2 bananas per day has not caused any problems for most individuals. Although they are high in carbohydrates, eating them along with protein and fat is also suitable for maintaining energy levels. 

Is It Safe To Consume Bananas At Night On An Empty Stomach?

Bananas are known to aid in sound sleep because of having high amount of magnesium. But it is best to avoid very sweet things at night, as they escalate energy at that time when your body demands sleep.

Can I Eat Frozen Bananas At Breakfast On An Empty Stomach?

A frozen banana is one of the ideal entities of banana which is healthy to consume at breakfast. Frozen bananas are safe to use for six months sitting in the refrigerator. Moreover, making a delicious breakfast or dessert with frozen bananas gives a heavenly taste to your breakfast. 

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The Bottom Line

Without question and beyond doubt Banana is one of nature’s superfoods. Not only are they savory and delightful but also come with an array of bonuses that can be enjoyed by everyone.

For their delicious and nutritious behavior, bananas deserve a place at your breakfast table. But not on an empty stomach because there are some potential risks of having them. 

So, if you want to have the benefits of banana on empty stomach, be sure to do it in moderation or consume them with some protein or fat to reduce their laxative effect or consult a health nutritionist.  

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