Banana Peel for Dark Circles

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? 

Natural skincare has been famous since ancient times. I personally always try to use natural ingredients for my regular skincare. Most often, it works great! 

Recently I didn’t sleep enough and had to work till late at night. Then I got dark circles. So, I was scrolling through YouTube and found a viral hack using Banana peel for dark circles

I found it very interesting and handy. So, I tried it on my face. I got incredible results using banana peels under my eyes. It diminished the dark circles and made an amazing change of my skin tone. 

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Know Everything

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? 

So, today I’m going to share how to use banana peels for dark spots on the face and under the eyes.

Benefits of banana peels 

Banana is known as a Superfood for their health benefits. Most of us throw away banana peels, thinking they are worthless. But you may be surprised to learn that Banana peels are a great source of fiber, vitamins A, B, and C, and other nutrients that are great for your skin and hair.

Moisturize Skin 

Dry skin tends to have inflammation and itchiness. Apply a banana face mask if your skin is flaky and dry. It is rich in potassium and moisture. It will hydrate and moisturize dry skin, making it soft and supple. 

Boost Anti-Aging 

Everyone loves to look younger than his age and spends thousands of bucks on botox treatment. However, bananas consist of natural botox ingredients. So, regular usage of banana packs can hold up the freshness of your skin. You can leave banana peels under your eyes overnight, and you’ll be amazed to see the result when you wake up. 

Banana peels are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, which promote skin suppleness and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it eliminates dark spots and gives the skin a much more even, young-looking skin. 

Lighten Dark circles & Spots 

The eyes are the most attractive body part of your face. Dark circles and puffiness can decline the beauty of your eyes. It is becoming popular to use banana peels for dark circles.  Banana peel’s rich antioxidant ingredients enhance blood flow and nourish the delicate skin under your eyes. It also helps to lighten the dark spots on your face. 

Treat acne & Sun Damage 

Excess oil and clogged pores can cause acne and blemish on your skin. Banana peels, high in antioxidants, can alleviate acne. It also shrinks the pore and increases collagen production. Banana peels also protect from skin damage because of sun exposure.

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How to use a Banana peel for a Dark circle 

Method 1

  • Wash your face with your favorite cleanser.
  • Take a banana peel and start rubbing it with the inner side of it.
  • Keep massaging until the peel turns brown.
  • Rub it in a circular motion 
  • Place two larger portions of banana peels under your eyes like eye patches. 
  • Wait at least 10 minutes after massaging. 
  • Finally, rinse your face with water.

Method 2

  • Take a banana and peel it off. 
  • Cut the banana into pieces 
  • Now put the banana and its peel in a grinder. 
  • Mix a cup of milk with it.
  • Blend it into a smooth paste. 
  • Apply the mask to your whole face. 
  • After applying the first layer, you can put the second one on it for better results. 
  • Then wait for 5 to 10 minutes until the mask turns dry. 
  • Swipe it away with a clean towel or tissue.
  • Wash it with warm water. 

Banana Peel for Dark Spots Review Before and After

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? 

My acne scars go away after rubbing banana peels for 10 days. I was really shocked to see the result. 

Banana peel for eyes before and after

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? 

I’ve started using banana peels to reduce the dark circle under my eyes. I was not expecting very high. After using it for 4 days, I find my dark circle reduces to some extent, and after 10 days, I find it smoothens and lightens my under eyes skin tone. It also reduces the puffiness of my eyes. 

How Does it work? 

Banana peels help to increase blood circulation. It consists of high levels of antioxidants and potassium, which helps to lighten the skin tone. It works excellently on delicate eye areas. On the other hand, the pH of banana balances with the skin’s pH level. It keeps your skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing. You can remove dark circles under eyes permanently with banana peels. 

Banana under-eye cream 

The skin around the eye area is sensitive. So, you must be picky when choosing a product for under-eye care. Banana under-eye cream gives better results for dark circles. 

I have made a list of the best banana under-eye creams available. You can check this out. 

Product linkSpecificationsPriceCustomer rating
Ole HenriksenVitamin C-rich eye crème that reduces signs of aging, dark circles, fine lines and dryness. $29.993.7 out of 5
The Skin Diet Banana under-eye creamThis under-eye cream introduces a rich combination of banana, niacinamide, and extracts from sandalwood nut, sea buckthorn & calendula.
This cream gently nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes to visibly smoothen fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles & puffiness. 
This under-eye cream boosts the power of 21 bananas. 
This eye cream brings up non-sticky formulations that can be used any time of the day. 
$16.394.8 out of 5
Ok Organic Kitchen Banana Brightening Eye CreamCombination of banana extract, Vitamin C & Vitamin E calms, soothes & brightens sensitive skin around eyes.Jojoba & Shea extract works to hydrate & moisturize tired skin. It helps to reduce dryness, redness and irritation. $9.174.3 out of 5

Earth to skinSuper Fruits Illuminating Banana Eye Cream
The unique formula uses nourishing banana and mango extracts, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and essential vitamins A, B, C and E. It works for skin thickening and moisturizing eye areas. 
 Brightening ingredients reduce dullness and the appearance of dark circles under the eye area.

My First-hand experience using Banana peel for dark circles 

When I saw the video, I was not sure if I should try it or not. Then I thought it would not be a problem to massage a banana peel on my face. It is always available in my kitchen. 

So, I took a banana, peeled it off, and had a bite. I put two banana peels under my eyes. Then took another peel and massaged it in a circular motion. After doing this for a few minutes, I started rubbing it upward. After finishing the massage, I left it for thirty minutes. Then I rinsed it off with water. I found tightened skin and an instant glow after using it. I use it every alternate day. I found an impressive outcome after ten days. My dark circle looked lighter than before. It also removes the fine lines of my skin. 

Finding an effective outcome, I have recently tried the banana pack on my face. It also works well on my skin. It faded the spots and brightened my skin tone. 

Are there any side effects of banana peels? 

Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? 

Though it is not common to have an allergic reaction because of a banana, however, apply a little banana pack or rub the banana peel on your hand to check the allergic reaction. 

So, How can you know you have an allergic reaction because of a banana? Some common symptoms may appear in this case. 

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  • Itchy skin 
  • Redness on skin 
  • Swelling 
  • Sneezing 

Severe reactions could appear if you have an acute latex allergy. This medical condition is defined as anaphylaxis. It can cause breathing complications, face swelling, and fainting. 

How long to rub a banana peel on the face 

It’s no harm if you rub banana peel for a long time. But you must be careful about the massaging technique. You should rub it for at least 10-15 minutes to see the difference.Then leave it for 30 minutes. After washing your face you can find a visible result instantly. 

Can Banana peels remove dark circles? 

Ans: Yes. It can. But first, you need to fix your sleep cycle. Enough sleep and rest is the best remedy for dark circles. Apart from this, you can use banana peels for special care of your dark circles. It helps to improve blood circulation. It also contains a high level of antioxidants and potassium which help to reduce dark circles.

Is rubbing banana peels good? 

There is no scientific evidence if banana peels are good for skin or not. Then how does it work so well? Because it is full of fiber, nutrients and antioxidants that benefit your skin. It helps to reduce dark spots, wrinkles, and puffiness, and it also naturally hydrates your skin. 

How do I use the banana peel under my eyes 

You can apply banana peel in various ways. If you are not feeling like doing so much work, you can simply take a banana peel and place it under your eyes. You can also make a paste of banana peels, adding milk and honey with it. Apply it on your face. It will diminish the black spots and dark circles. 

Does banana peel lighten skin? 

Banana peel is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin C. It contains whitening properties which help to remove sun tan, dark and spots. It helps to boost collagen production, which allows getting a brighter, lighter and smoother skin tone. 

Can I rub banana peel every day? 

Yes. There are no harmful ingredients in a banana peel. In fact, it’s good for your skin. If you are not allergic to banana peel, you can use it daily.

Final Thought 

Banana peels are a superfood for healthy skin. It contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins. When I watched the video of using banana peels for dark circles, I thought it was made to become viral. 

But I was surprised how a simple kitchen ingredient works like magic on my skin. Here, I want to disclaim that as it works on me, it’ll work for everyone.

You may spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products but not get an effective solution. When you start using banana peel for your skin, you don’t need to spend extra money on skin care. But you must give a patch test before applying anything new to your skin. I hope you find the article “Banana Peel for Dark Circle: Does it Actually Work? ” helpful.

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