How to Stop Banana Bread from Cracking: Some Tips To Follow

I am a new baker. I followed the directions in a recipe to bake banana bread in my oven at 350 C. The top of my bread is broken, and the sides still need to be perfectly done. I was depressed! What could be the reason for my banana bread’s top to split? After my research, I found some reasons that today I am going to share with all of you through this article. 

But hold on, are you also suffering from the crack of the top of your banana bread?

Then, cheer up, it is time to make banana bread! Take out your apron and let us start.

With a few easy tips and tricks, you can stop your banana bread from cracking and make a delicious loaf that doesn’t have any cracks. 

Why does the top of my banana bread break?

When you bake and your bread starts to crack then it is surely for no reason. If the batter keeps rising after the top of the bread has set, it will crack. This can happen if the oven is too hot or if the bread is put in before the oven is fully warm. If there is too much baking soda or baking powder in the mix, the bread can rise too much and break.

It’s fine for banana bread to have a crack on top, but if you want a perfectly smooth top, I have some tips that can help you out. So, let us see the most common reasons why banana bread cracks on top and how you can avoid those problems.

The top 6 reasons for banana bread cracking are;

Reason 1: Not preheating your oven

If the batter for the banana bread is put into an oven that has not been preheated, there is a good chance that the top of the loaf may crack quickly. When an oven is preheated, it rapidly raises the temperature inside the oven.

If the batter for the banana bread is heated to these extremely high temperatures, the top of the loaf will be baked and browned before it has had a chance to rise. When the loaf rises, it will form a crack in the top, even though it has already been baked.

#1 How to stop banana bread cracking method: Always preheat your oven before putting the banana bread batter in to prevent this. By doing this, you can guarantee that the bread will have time to rise before the top is baked. The best method for baking banana bread completely without the top cracking is to cook it slowly over a period of 45 to 55 minutes.

Reason 2: Putting the banana bread too near the oven’s top

If you put the banana bread high up in the oven, it can crack on top. This is because the top of many ovens with a fan is hotter than the bottom. Hot air flows over the bread, which makes it cook quickly.

When I made the same mistake by putting my banana bread on the highest shelf in my fan-forced oven, it cracked on top.

#2 How to stop banana bread cracking method: Put your banana bread in the center of the oven to prevent this and to allow the bread to slowly cook through and set the top before it cracks, lower the shelf to the center.

Reason 3: Adding excess baking soda or baking powder

If you put too much baking powder or baking soda in your banana bread, the top can get cracked because baking powder and baking soda both react to make a gas that makes the bread rise. If it is too much, the bread will rise too much, cracking and breaking through the top.

#3 How to stop banana bread cracking method: Therefore, you have to use the right amount of baking powder and soda to avoid the cracks on the top of your banana bread.

Reason 4: Instead of plain flour, use self-rising flour

If you use self-rising flour instead of plain flour in a recipe that calls for plain flour, the banana bread might rise too much and crack on top. Most recipes call for plain flour and then add a separate raising agent like baking powder or baking soda. This makes the loaf of banana bread rise.

If you use self-rising flour that also has a rising agent like baking powder, the bread will rise too much and crack on top.

#4 How to stop banana bread cracking method: To avoid cracking you can follow the best recipes and if it says to add regular flour, it is best to do so. So, your banana bread will rise just the right amount and not break. Well, this is what I did.

Reason 5: Putting too much heat in the oven

If you set your oven setting too high, your banana bread will quickly crack on top. If the oven is too hot, the bread will quickly get a crust on top. As the bread continues to rise, the brown top will start to break.

#5 How to stop banana bread cracking method: To avoid cracking, you have to make sure that the oven is set to medium heat. This will let the bread cook all the way through before the crust on top breaks.

Reason 6: Putting in too much flour

If you use too much flour in your banana bread recipe, the top will get dry and crack. To keep it from breaking, it is important to get the right amount of water in it.

#6 How to stop banana bread cracking method: To avoid this problem, you can use measuring cups and spoons to measure out the wet ingredients and do the same with the dry ingredients.

Flatten the flour with a butter knife when you put it in the measuring cups. You can also use scales to correctly measure the flour and keep it from getting too dry.

What about when there is a single long crack right in the center of the banana bread loaf?

Your bake is perfect with this kind of crack. The batter is doing its job, and everything is going well with the baking.

It makes room for the rest of the loaf to bake and grow like usual, so there is nothing to worry about, the single long crack in the center of the banana bread loaf.

Does the top of banana bread always crack like that?

Yes, the top of banana bread will always crack, and one of the main mistakes that can make banana bread crack is if the batter is mixed too much. If you mix the dough too much, it will have too much gluten, which can make the surface uneven and cause cracks when it’s baked. 

To prevent this, mix the ingredients together gently until they are just combined. Don’t worry if there are small lumps in the mixture; they will cook out during baking.

But you want the crust to crack in a good way, with a good amount of roundness and stiffness so for quick bread like banana bread, cracks on the tops of the loaves are pretty common.

Does the temperature of the oven affect the cracking of my banana bread?

Absolutely yes. The temperature of the oven is another reason for the crack in the banana bread. 

If you see the top of the cake is not perfectly smooth and is also cracking, then there is a strong possibility that the problem is related to the temperature of the oven. It is possible that the temperature is too high for your loaf of bread in this situation.

In this case, you have to remember that the banana bread requires an oven that has been preheated to a temperature of approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How can recipe variations help to prevent cracking?

The experience of baking banana bread that has cracks in it can be quite irritating for any baker, but happily, there are certain adjustments to the recipe that can help prevent this problem. It is possible to have wonderful banana bread that does not crack at all on a consistent basis by combining particular ingredients and methods.

One way to stop cracks is to add an extra egg white to the batter. This makes the frame stronger and less likely to break. Also, adding oil or melted butter or raising the amount of sugar can help add moisture and improve the texture.

If you want the texture to be even softer, try mixing in some mashed bananas or applesauce.

This will add more moisture and increase the complexity of the taste. You could also lower the amount of baking powder in your recipe since too much of this ingredient can cause cracking and will be a drier outcome.

But you have to remember about the right time! Overbaking your banana bread will make it dry and make it more likely to break. Make sure to keep an eye on it while it’s baking by sticking a toothpick or knife into the middle of the loaf every few minutes to check.

Can you still eat banana bread if it cracks on top?

Yes, of course, why not?

It is totally fine if the top of your banana bread cracks! The bread gets a crack on top when it starts to set in the oven but still rises a little bit more. So, you do not have to think much. 

Well, banana bread is a popular sweet snack, dessert, or addition to a tasty packed lunch. This sweet, soft bread is loved by both kids and adults, which must make you wonder if you can freeze banana bread.

How to store banana bread to prevent it from cracking?

You can try to fix it by cutting lines into the bread, which lets just enough air out so that it doesn’t burst. When you cut or score your bread, you are simply giving it a chimney or a way to breathe. But don’t let too much time pass between cutting the dough and putting it in the oven.

Can you freeze banana bread to prevent cracking? 

Yes, banana bread can be frozen for up to 4 months. 

You can freeze whole loaves, extra banana bread, and even the dough for making banana bread.

Banana bread can be frozen just like any other kind of bread, and it’s just as easy. You can freeze the bread as a whole loaf or cut it into slices and freeze them separately.

But before freezing banana bread you must know the process so that the bread does not get hampered. So let us look into that.

How to freeze a whole loaf of banana bread?

Keeping a loaf of banana bread in the freezer is a great idea for when you don’t have time to bake but have people over for a cup of tea. Freezing a loaf of bread couldn’t be easier.

Some steps to follow

Step 1: Wrap

Wrap your banana bread in foil or parchment paper after it has cooled fully.

Step 2: Prepare the Bag

Write the items and the date on a freezer bag and put it together.

Step 3: Bag Up

Put the loaf of banana bread that is already wrapped into the bag.

Step 4: Freeze

Squeeze out as much air as you can, and then put the whole thing in the freezer.

Can Banana Bread Batter Be Frozen?

The batter for banana bread can be frozen. Once the dough is ready, throw it into a sturdy bag, seal it, and store it in your freezer. Naturally, make sure to carefully mark it!

Now that you know how to freeze banana bread, here are the top 3 recommendations for getting the greatest results from freezing banana bread.

The best 3 tips are;

Put bread dough in the freezer

If you want to still smell like freshly baked banana bread, you can freeze the dough. You still get the pleasure of baking it fresh, but you don’t have to do any prep work.

Don’t let any air in

Banana bread doesn’t like air. It will change the way it feels and make it dry. Make sure it’s well-wrapped. This is especially important for slices, which don’t have a shell to protect them.

Consider Portions

You should think about how much banana bread you eat at a time and freeze it in the right amount. If you only eat a few pieces at a time, don’t freeze the whole loaf.

What should you do to avoid banana bread cracks on the top?

If the cracks on the top look like the bread is fully baked and has risen nicely, you do not need to worry. Your bread is delicious and made very well.

But if the cracking on top looks like it is not cooked enough and has sunk, you can change a few things the next time you use your recipe.

Here are some suggestions to help you:

Don’t leave the dough out too long

Timing is very important when making quick bread like banana bread. Once the batter is ready and the oven is at the right temperature, put the banana bread pan in the oven right away so that the leavening agent can do its job.

Raising agents are used to make baked goods lighter by letting areas of carbon dioxide escape while the food is being cooked. Because of this, it’s best not to make it wait.

Make sure you put in enough leavening

Make sure you use the right amount of leavening and bananas every time. Some recipes call for up to four bananas, but that’s the most you should use.

As for the amount of baking soda or baking powder, use the back of a spatula to level the teaspoon for the most exact measurement.

Ensure the proper consistency of your batter

As a general rule, a good banana bread recipe starts with two cups of flour. If the recipe calls for less than that, you will need to add more flour to your banana bread.

Carefully add one tablespoon of flour at a time until the mixture is the right thickness.

Add any other ingredients in the right way

The cracking could be caused by the things you put in your loaf to make it taste better, like chocolate chips or walnuts. They tend to sink to the bottom of the loaf pan because they can be heavier than the rest of the batter.

To keep them from sinking, toss them in a few tablespoons of flour until they are evenly covered. You can also cut them up into smaller pieces to make them lighter.


What are some common mistakes people make when making banana bread that can cause it to crack?

Some common mistakes that people make when making banana bread that results in crack are pointed out below;

  • Not preheating your oven
  • putting the banana bread too near the oven’s top
  • Using too much baking powder or soda
  • Using self-raising flour instead of plain flour
  • Setting the oven temperature too high
  • Adding too much flour

So these are the mistakes to avoid while making banana bread.


So, hopefully, you all have got the answer to why banana bread cracks when making it and how to stop banana bread from cracking.

If the crack shows that it is cooked all the way through, it’s a good crack that many bakers hope to get.

But most importantly, when you finally make the perfect loaf of banana bread by following these steps, make sure to enjoy every bite.

I really enjoyed it a lot!

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