Elaichi Banana

What Is Elaichi Banana? [Know Everything]

Elaichi banana is a type of banana that is smaller than usual. We know size doesn’t matter and the same sentence applies to this species of banana. These short size doesn’t restrain these bananas from possessing high nutrient values and health-beneficial properties. For example, these bananas are one of the best sources of Vitamin C and Potassium.

Compared to regular bananas, this distinct fruit holds multiple health-beneficial values in higher quantities, making it a highly recommended fruit. 

After all this information, you may have already started to think about the benefits and nutrient value these bananas contain. 

Fortunately, we have managed to derive a bunch of data from different sources across the Internet. Therefore, in this article, you will discover some unknown facts and details about Elaichi bananas. 

So keep reading this article without skipping a sentence and discover everything you want to know about Elaichi bananas.

Where Elaichi Banana Can Be Found: Its Origin

The Elaichi Banana is one of the best among the different variants of the Musaceae Family due to its health-beneficial elements. The name Elaichi Banana in English is Baby banana. Another name for the Elaichi banana in Tamil is Yelakki Bananas.

Where Elaichi Banana Can Be Found Its Origin
Where Elaichi Banana Can Be Found: Its Origin

The odd name of this variant came from its origin country India. However, even in India, Mumbai and Bengaluru are the most popular states responsible for cultivating these bananas. So the Elaichi banana you see in the local shops must have come from somewhere in India, if not from Mumbai and Bangalore.

Why are Elaichi bananas so expensive?

Due to the high demand and nutrient values of Elaichi bananas, these have become a common banana variant available on the market. But relying on the market demand, these are available at a high price range. You will have to buy 6 Pcs at 60 Rps. The amount is 3x higher than that of Cavendish bananas (20 Rupees per KG / 6-7 Pcs per Kg). However, buying Elaichi banana online could save some of your money by using discount vouchers.

Why are Elaichi bananas so expensive
Why are Elaichi bananas so expensive

One of the most common reasons for its high cost is its rich nutritional value and taste. But when looking at the nutrient values and health benefits of small Elachi bananas, the 60 Rupees /6 Pcs amount is worth it.

Is Elaichi Banana Good For Health?

Yes! Elaichi Bananas are highly nutritious fruit that can help you with the beneficial property it holds. These bananas are rich in vitamins and nutrients that aren’t noticeable in regular bananas. Therefore, Elaichi bananas can be considered one of the best versions of bananas that are good for health in many ways.

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Elaichi Banana Nutrition

Here is an overview of Elaichi Banana Calories and Nutrition Values:

NutritionPer 100gm
Calories89 Kcl
Vitamin C12%
Carbohydrates23 g
Natural Sugar9.9 g
Protein1.1 g
Fats0.3 g
Dietary fiber2.6g
Sodium1 mg
Potassium358 mg
Elaichi Banana Nutrition

Benefits of Elaichi Banana

Vitamin C and Potassium in small Elaichi bananas are valuable for the body and cells. A lot of us overlook the health benefits of Vitamin C and Potassium. Therefore, this section focuses on the benefits of nutrients found in Elaichi Bananas. 

Calories – You will get 89Kcl Calories from every 100g of Elaichi bananas. This amount can fulfill 08 – 10% of your daily Calorie requirements.

Vitamin C – VitC, or something we also know as ascorbic acid, helps in faster wound healing, protects our skin, protects us from many diseases, protects body cells from the effects of free radicals, and much more.

Carbohydrates – For those who don’t know, carbohydrate foods can be very helpful for a healthy diet plan. Around 100-150g of Carbohydrates can lead you to a healthy life. Meanwhile, if you are active and want a diet to lose weight fast, you may start to come down to 50g per day. Therefore, you can have two to three Elaichi bananas daily and follow a proper weight-loss program.

Protein – The recommended protein requirement in our body is very crucial as it leads to a safe and healthy life. From a healthy body to a healthy structure, protein is essential. Although every person has different requirements for protein, in most cases, 100g of protein daily is something everyone can aim for.

Fats – Considering the overall circumstances, we need fat in our body from foods to stay active. Although some diet-conscious people may want to avoid consuming high-fat-included foods, our body still requires some amount. The good news is Elaichi bananas are highly nutritional. It holds different types of nutrients, including fat.

Benefits of Elaichi Banana
Benefits of Elaichi Banana

Before you think negatively, the amount of fat you will gain by consuming two bananas (100g each) would be only around 0.6 grams. Anyone who’s looking for a healthy diet to lose weight can have this much fat to avoid essential fatty acid deficiency.

Dietary Fiber – According to the American Heart Association Eating Plan, your daily Dietary Fiber intake should be near 30 grams. The average amount of Dietary Fiber you will get from 1-2 Elaichi Bananas is around 2.6 grams – 5.2 grams. Therefore, one to two Ealichi bananas will fulfill about 0.9% to 18%.

Sodium – Human-body actively requires a small amount of Sodium consumption to conduct nerve impulses, contract and relax muscles, and maintain a balance of water and minerals in the body. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are limited to 2,300 mg per day. Therefore, a proper healthy diet plan should contain less than the limited intake amount. Meanwhile, Elaichi Bananas possess 1mg sodium per 100g. Therefore, consuming 1-2 Elaichi bananas would not hurt your weight-loss diet program.

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Potassium – One of the most essential nutrients, potassium, found naturally in everyday foods, helps the human body by maintaining proper nerve function, muscle contraction, and normalizing heart rate. On average, adults need 3,500mg to 4,700mg of potassium.

By consuming 1-2 Elaichi Bananas daily, you will get 358mg to 716mg of potassium. This amount would fulfill 10.23% to 20.46% of your daily requirement.

Benefit Of Elaichi Banana During Pregnancy

As an expectant mother, you always want your “not yet born” baby to be healthy and strong. Unfortunately, scurvy in newborns is not uncommon. Therefore, if you are pregnant, you must follow a diet containing 85 grams of Vitamin C in your daily food to keep your baby healthy and strong. 

Besides Vitamin C, Potassium is another important element we need for our body cells to function normally. A female adult / Pregnant woman requires this element as a basic need. 

Here is an overview of the requirements of Potassium for pregnant women based on age:

Age 18 or below2,600mg
Age 19 or Above2,900mg
Nonpregnant Women (Teen/ Adult)2,300mg / 2,600mg

Benefits Of Elaichi Banana For Kids

Elaichi Bananas Cardamom supports the immunity of growing children. Daily consumption of 1-2 is considered admittedly beneficial for them. The fruit contains essential nutrients rarely found in other foods. For example, every 100g of Elaichi Banana possesses a certain amount of Calories, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Dietary fiber, Sodium, and Potassium. 

Therefore, you can include this fruit in your regular diet to boost your kid’s growth.

Elaichi Banana Vs Normal Banana

Elaichi Banana Vs Normal Banana
Elaichi Banana Vs Normal Banana
Yelakki / Elaichi BananasRegular Bananas
Popular for their miniature size.The average size of a regular banana is around 6-7 Inches.
It Tastes better than any normal banana.It Tastes like regular bananas.
Contains health-promoting, immunity booster, and anti-aging flavonoid poly-phenolic, anti-oxidants such as lutein Zea-xanthin, beta, and alpha carotenes.keep your cholesterol and blood pressure normal.
A moderate source of Vitamin C works best in improving the Human-immunity system.Any sort of regular banana is a good source of Vitamin C, including several other vitamins such as Vitamin B6.Fiber.Potassium.Magnesium.Manganese.
Lowers the Emotional and Physical temperature of the pregnant mother.Contain tryptophan which produces produce 5-HTP in Human-body and makes serotonin and melatonin. Also the same in other variants of bananas.
Contains Vitamin B6, which works in curing neuritis and anemia.Any regular banana is rich in antioxidant substances that work best as a skin care regimen.
The pectin in Elaichi Bananas reduces cholesterol levels in the human body. Contains fiber, making it one of the best fruits for diet-losing programs.
Vitamin B helps stimulate nerve function.
Reduces menstrual pain.
The presence of Vitamin C in Elaichi bananas is quite beneficial for human skin as it makes the skin more flexible and soft.

Does Elaichi Banana Cause Cold?

It’s time to bust the myth. Most mothers believe that eating bananas can cause colds in their babies or worsen the condition. However, this thinking is entirely a myth and has been disapproved of by most experts. According to Dr. Debri, Bananas are not meant to cause colds or worse the condition.

As a matter of fact, the Elaichi banana can be a very good source to improve your immunity system and prevent diseases.

Is Elaichi Banana Good For Diabetics?

A diabetic patient requires a proper health-conscious diet plan to stay strong physically and mentally. However, as a diabetic patient, you are limited to a diet containing a variety of fresh foods, such as nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, bananas, especially Elaichi bananas, can be consumed by people with diabetic issues.

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But we can’t overlook the fact: Elaichi bananas possess carbs which can raise blood sugar levels more than any other nutrients. 

Now green Elaichi bananas are rich in starch resistance and contain low sugar. Meanwhile, Yellow Elaichi bananas are less starch resistant and contain natural sugar. 

Overall, how many Elaichi bananas you can consume in a day depends on the number of carbs and calories you are consuming. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do is consult with your doctor. Based on your diabetic stage, if the doctor gives you a green signal, you can include Elaichi bananas in your daily diet. 

Elaichi Banana For Weight Gain

Something that makes these bananas health-beneficial is how you can consume them to lose and gain weight. Yes! For those who are wondering if eating Elaichi Banana can gain weight, you can improve your overall weight by eating Elaichi Banana with a proper diet. 

These bananas are rich in carbs and calories per 100g. Although these calories are not immense in number, you can meet a percentage of the daily requirement by eating 2-6 bananas per day. A healthy adult can consume 6-7 regular bananas a day before reaching the recommended level, considering the size of elaichi bananas, you can consume more than 6pc a day. 

Therefore, Elaichi bananas for weight gain are a good-to-go choice if you are conscious of your weight-gain diet program. 

Elaichi Banana recipes

There are numerous healthy banana recipes you can have in your daily meal. Here are a few Elaichi Banana recipes:

And more…

Elaichi Banana recipes
Elaichi Banana recipes

These are some of the best ingredients you can make with Elaichi bananas at home. Fortunately, you will find these recipes on the Internet. Therefore, you can plan a new healthy diet with Elaichi bananas whenever you are in the mood.

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Do Elaichi Bananas have Calories?

A hundred-gram Elaichi Banana contains 90 calories. According to Healthline, One to two  Bananas are recommended for daily consumption. Therefore, you’ll be able to fill around 08%- 10% of your total daily calorie needs.

Are Elaichi Bananas Better Than Normal Bananas?

Considering the taste, size, nutrient values, and rich properties, Elaichi bananas are better than any normal bananas you will find in the supermarket.

Are Elaichi Bananas the fastest bananas to grow?

Unfortunately! These nutritious bananas are not the fastest-growing bananas. The title goes to the Grand Nine banana tree, which is known to be the fastest-fruiting banana tree in the world.

Does Yelakki Banana Cause Constipation?

It’s the opposite! Yelakki bananas benefit the human body by curing constipation and indigestion. It is better to maintain your health with natural products without relying on long-term medicines.

Do Yelakki Bananas Prevent Cancer?

Yes! For those looking for cancer-fighting fruits, Yelakki bananas can be one of the best options. These bananas have antioxidant content that prevents cancer in the human body.


Overall, Elaichi/Yelakki/Baby bananas are one of the best varieties of bananas to consume daily. Its rich nutritional value and curative properties will make your body active to fight against multiple illnesses.

You will reinvent yourself with a stronger immune system, smooth and supple skin, and a healthy body. Therefore, Elaichi Banana is a “good to go” fruit If you are looking for the best diet for your daily routine, ready

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